Thursday, April 26, 2012

Releases: Past & Future

There are going to be a few new SD tracks released in the coming months. A two song 7" and one song contributed to an upcoming cassette compilation both on FlexiWave.

Sweating Tapes is currently curating a cassette series documenting electronic communities throughout the U.S. The Portland, Oregon collection is already available and a bay area one is slated for release later this summer. I will have one track on there and the rest of the comp should be phenomenal.

I still have a few of the "Circuit D'actes II" LPs (pictured above) which were released about a year ago on La Forme Lente. If you are interested in purchasing one of these please email me at They are $15 plus shipping or if you are purely interested in the music (sans physical copy), all these tracks are available for download here.

Finally, the Home Demos CDr that was recorded in the middle of 2010 and was primarily given out to friends is still available as well. I have 5 of the original edition of 25 left. Again email me if you'd like a copy. I'm happy with a donation. It is also available for free download from A Viable Commercial here (a wonderful obscure post-punk/min. syn. blog).

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