Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disorder Night 1.9.13 with REDREDRED

Had a great time last night playing at DJ Nickie's Club Disorder. REDREDRED killed it. If you haven't caught on to this guy's stuff, go ahead and do that now. One man amidst various cassette decks, a reel to reel and a Sequential Circuits Pro One. Utterly fantastic. Hope he is able to release something soon.

Speaking of releases, a few more tracks of mine have been put out via Sweating Tapes and Vocoder Tapes.  May be a little too late on that Vocoder release but ST should still have some copies.

Also I'd like to officially welcome Brett Whitman into the SD fold. He has been playing guitar and offering up his mastery of analogue syths to help fill in the writing and performing picture. We have been working on a bunch of new material together and should be back in the home studio to record it soon. Keep a look out for that.

Finally the 4 song 10" EP via NOVEMBR Records (as their inaugural release) is on hold for now but will be out sometime soon.

Ssleeping Desiress live at the Knockout for Club Disorder SF, Ca 1.9.13
                    (photo via Luis Mendoza)  

REDREDRED live at the Knockout for Club Disorder SF, Ca 1.9.13
                       (photo via Josh Cheon)

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