Friday, June 7, 2013

Last copies of first Ssleeping DesiresS CDr

Organizing my closet and going through some old art work and photos I have found the last remaining copies of the Ssleeping Desiress' "Home Demos" CDr from 2010 (almost the 3 year anniversary!). I put them up on Discogs, but you can email me personally if you'd like to get a copy (ssleepingdesiress@gmail), they are up for $12. Also, exclusive to this blog I'd like to offer the first five people to email me regarding the CDr an additional copy of the Bay Area Sweating Tapes compilation cassette and a copy of the Circuit D'Actes II LP for a flat $25 plus $5 shipping. A little thank you bundle to those that have come out and supported me, took the time out to send me encouraging words or just plain still dig what I'm doing. It doesn't go unnoticed, thank you.

I realize this project has hit a relative dormant period but I've been pretty busy with school, I appreciate everyone's patience. Not to worry though, myself and Brett Whitman have been recording a bunch of new material and will have a release completed by the end of summer if not sooner.

Finally, for those in the bay, or those planning to be in the bay, we will be playing a show at the legendary SF Eagle Tavern on Thursday June 20th with Indian Jewelry and CCR Headcleaner.

Kind Regards,
Gabriel Aa. Ramos

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